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Theme: Whimsical

If you want to feel holy, it is not in the churches anymore.  Take a walk through your local art galleries to the art and souls of artists.  Expressive exhibitions keep us yelling ... 'More!!'.

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Rusty massive buildings stretch under several massive frames.
Picture! “Bins of Salt” as workers cluster around steel plants.
Medical intervention used for reviving workers’ sweat glands.
Steel Unions Culture of Steel Plants’ Life aborts typical summer sweat shops.

Steel shoots connects buildings across Hamilton’s streets as overpass.
Off Killingworth Street North hangs over Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, North End.
I wish I saw the bus routes enabling workers shifts transports.
Jobs of steel workers boost Canada’s economy might be gone.

I sometimes wear a T-shirt that says “Women of Steel working women.”
I also have one that says the first Woman in STELCO Steel Plant or
“Rose the Riveter’s” in the STELCO Plant Union. Norma Birdie honored.
Swarmed by Electric Power Lines energy that fire up the mills.

These massive paintings by the artist must have taken him years.
I am proud of this Artist’s Work there are social elements of Plant Life Cultures.
Age as low as fifteen began their “go for Plant Life” child labor workers, second to none.
STELCO bought out by someone in USA no “Bail Outs” to rescue Hamilton, Ontario Steel Plant Life.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) October 4, 2009 

Reading dedicated to Ron Eady

Ron Eady, The Artist who did these massive paintings of STELCO and DOFASCO. very intricate details including Towers and empty train lines that crisis cross each other enchantment.

My Growth points about these pieces that took Ron Eady years to bring to light at Anist Art Exhibition.

The piece lacked traces of life. no interpretations of thousands of workers changing shifts, nor the thousands of cars arrivals and departures from these Steel Plants. Geneva M. Neale (Audain) October 4, 2009 Ron has a copy of this poem as a gift.

Betwixt Seasons

Masked senses of plant bulbs betwixt winter and spring.
Bewilderingly re-tilling of soil around the house.
Re-tilled and released patched frozen soil nestled landscape.

Lights hidden in bulbs submerged in underground.
Up, up, up appear tiny bulbs patches of wiggling leafs dancers.
Varieties of tiny echoes of spring filled tots screaming voicelessly.

Daffodils, hyacinths, crocus tempos crackling to the twilight.
Bulbs varieties unfold happy to see 2010's springing's specific zones.
Singing sonnets to sun light's warmth instead of winter's chill.

Easter greetings lovely retitling of one mind's freed from doubtfulness.
Excitements reach up, up, up to all positives in one's self.
Believable expectations renewals in this poet's mindfulness.

Wonderful, beautiful even though no flowers in sight so far.
Bonds with underground bulbs rebirth ecosystems energies.
Blend with re-tilling a snow frosted mind thoughtfully surfacing.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) April 3 2010 Easter

New thoughtfulness.
Millionaire visions.
It is Easter here I go.
Cinnamon aromatic spices.
Buns crossed with innovative tilt.
"hot icing sugar cross."
Molasses aromatic buns.
Something to bake today.
Warm hearts instead of crosses.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) 03 04 2010 Easter Saturday


Visually see your 2010-2011 accomplishments.
Manure said missus higs to mister higs.
Our financial situations is not to sink us.
But to uplift us to see each one as paid in full.
Without you guru there is me hahaha.

Vision Board Meditation never say "I am bored."
As the result of observation and visual watching.
Think for instance visually picturing ancient gurus.
Took measurements of two asses butts or horses butts.
Wisdom train lines were engineered as an invention.
No more 'inferences' quotes or 'inadequate thought' mentions.

Where have global money gone?

Heaven is still in charge of earth built in supplies.
We crashed as victims by spunging genus marketers.
We have invested in credits for products we so need.
We got roped into those attractive goods and services ideas.

Psychological effects of interests charged to purchasers.
Who got caught on beatniks credit cards skate boards.
There is need to learn about financiers industries physics.
Obligation to change focus from limited to bountifulness.

Windmills effects as cash flow dusty accountability fades.
Scarcity of cash teaches nations "Ways and Means."
Modern scarcity of work ethics producers to train its casts?
Applications of new improved workshops and seminars.
Thanksgiving needles within our celestial receptors.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) October 21, 2010


If you want to feel holy it's not in Churches anymore.
Take a walk through your local Art Gallery.
Which takes you through Art and soul of Artists.

Artists young, middle age and seniors age to 100.
Expressive exhibitions keeps one yelling wow more. .
Visits to muggy steel towns drive over sky way bridge.

Meters above Lake Ontario bye passes the steel lift bridge.
As ships enter WELCOME to Canada's Hamilton harbor,
Great Ocean Liners with foreign names crawl slowly through..

Motorists get out their vehicles and wave to all a board..
Abroad foreign liners ahoy cheers exchange.massive waves..
Industrial materials to fire iron ore into massive steel beams.

Inspires visitors tour Ontario Du Fasco and The STEEL companies.
Artisans of steeling making nails for steel beams structures.
Arnold McBay captured REALITY Ontario industry sold to the USA.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) October 4, 2009 Reading

Coconuts Versatility

Coconut water is not the cream, husked mattress, oils, medicines, hair oils and cures.

Freshly grated simmerd into coconut natural healings oils, exports and local uses.
Coconut cream is my platform all locked in the grated cooking ingredients.
Coconut bake, sweet bread, biscuits, rolls, boil down breadfruit or coconut in pones.
Coconut groves all over Trinidad and Tobago coconut branches couvered tents.

We always knew the importance of these most sacred trees home remedies
Important to plant at least one coconut tree as families’ sign of owner’s prosperity.
Coconut trees are great shelters from the sun all day long cool rooftop coverings.
Hammocks fastened between two coconut trees provide air conditioned outdoors.
Never heard about rain forests very holy trees for Indians marriage ceremonies.

These all year round heat shelters even hurricanes are tamed by coconut trees.
While the tropic breezes fan through each feathered coconut tree branch.
Coconut tree branches waving to and fro for forecasting weather cock predictions.
Certainly there are areas where for some reason there are no such trees.
Many theories why coconut trees do not survive or found on certain beaches.

Family’s myths, hocks of miracles as we grate coconuts, mind controlling stories.
2,000 years of folk stories or old wives tales linked to these versatile fruits.
Under the coconut trees romances are the folk lures I enjoy the most.
Cultural themes for births, weddings and pyres Caribbean Indians favorites rituals.
Caribbean, South Seas, India, Africa, Equator coconuts cuisines of South Americas.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) July 15, 2010

Digital Lights

Xmas is about forgiveness candle lights.
Exiting doubts or fears replaced happiness.
Globally stars shine bright all see eye to eye.
Lights of God stars illuminate us all.
Electrical lights shine beyond and above.

Enlighten our darkness universal God.
Christ meant Christ followers globally.
Religions sow diverse patterns of Peace.
BATTLERS call ceasefire on Holy days.
One GOD prayers Oneness Peace always.

Disagreement with pilgrim's covenants.
Oriental lanterns twinkling golden glows.
Celebrations in religious set teachings.
Festival of Lights throughout the universe.
India's scented oils incensed spirits light.

Digital candles float down rivers of the worlds.
Festivals of essence at Buddhists ceremonies.
India's Ganges, African River Niles geography.
Varieties of religions techno-lights dynamics.
Dim lights shines the Jewish Faith Menorah.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) 2007

Dragon Fly

That whole experience was so wonderful .
Tonight blessings to you for your Unity of awareness.
Awareness which keeps me in touch with self.
My reasons for Faith in God. Blessings.

Dragon Fly replica over took the tree roots.
Cartooned eyes that looked like monstrous
Tree roots that captured the side walk landscape.

Dragon fly displayed gloriously on Artbar tree roots .
Artbar outdoors gallery meet and greet sessions .
Here to celebrate my 70th Birthday amongst Trio fans.

I raised my head upwards amazed to see tree branches.
Greeted through Artbar's artists root make over job..
Tree branches waved down at me with glad personal nod.

Out of interest my guest and I wandered to the basement
Cartoonists on various Labour Movement Women' Rights .
Nellie McClung lobbiest of the Persons Law in England 1927.

Artbar celebrate all art forms of artists Hamilton, Ontario area wide.
Roots with monsters oversize in persuasive interactions..
Cartoon features of colorful dragon fly monster features..

Ron and Judith master piece cocovan menu caught taste buds.
Delicious couscous turrine fine dining presentation wooed all.
Guests oohed and appreciatively we told chef Ron,

Mini baby, baby grand piano diva stimulated appetites.
Adorable summer tunes by diva Lena Horn honour.
Melodious guitarist rocked song by Aretha Franklyn.

Harmonious Trio Argento silver voices tones blend.
First names of three band members give it up for Trio Argento.
Fragrance of apple pie seeped in Artbar oven see chef Ron crusts.

Natural night air circulated through Artbar open windows.
Mellow acoustics guitar transformed to Hawaiian aloha.
Imagine sails on boats sailing around Hamilton's harbor.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) May 21, 2010  

Economy LOVERS

Hi lover, missus figured she will be negotiating memorial prepayments plans.
In preparation to leave this planet with surplus hallelujah debits.
Why not be happy, be funny or be able to laugh or learn to be innovative.
Like an eagle that jets above disagreements with glass eyed expressions.
Spend all you can while you can missus awaits chocolate kisses.

Meet with an enlightened fille that lassos her status as thoroughbred.
2009 -2010 economic crash etiquette so full of lost investments doom and gloom.
Almighty open such old fart’s out dated third eyes supernatural gimicks.
An old loner lover who make believe in lover's antiquited flow of words.
Fille asked her potential lover did you own a lay away plan for your celestial ascendance?

Movie plots to be released Lover Incitefully Preys On Vintage Families Cash Flows.
Does my lover have vindictive thoughts as while as he preys on one's affluence?
Did my lover invest in stocks of tons of over ripe mushy bananas?
Does inheritance have to be left to such a greedy shifty bee stung shyster?
Movie with no budget or credit cards as my lover uses economy basic "Dollar Stores."

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) December 25, 2010


See there Darlene why Valentines Day Cupid is unseen.
Modern day Cupid, on Saint V. Day, rides on his microwave wand.
Zips and Zaps yearning romantic hearts.
No distinctions whether man or woman nor gender specific.
Acceptance of who dates who in my times was did he have a job?
Society has caused many social issues debates.
Cupid is so "hot" modern day parlance "I have got the hots"
Cold Chocolate syrup drip over each lover's yearning heart.
This is Saint Valentine Day 14 02 2011
St. Valentine's is enjoying fits of laughter .2011.
As he shakes his head again he laughs,"I declare!".
While he is thinking about his affiliate Cupid in a nappy..
Cupid's romantic wear needs solar energy saving stars.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain)  Feb. 14, 2011

Let us all look up!
Above all else Easter Celebrations that lift hearts.

See there Darlene as Unity Teaches us students
Christ is beyond the Cross way up in heaven above the stars.
Christ in his satellite followed by streaks off cloudy smoke.


Come out the house
Designer wear safety goggles and all.
See the happy trees totally embraced.
Happy to be snow covered.
Trees do need snow falls.

Outdoors odors ecosystem cleansing.
Feathering snow flakes silently falling.
Continue all day and all night.
Breath takings instance
Barometer clicking ten feet snow on ground.

Children carve snow angels.
Snowman with carrot noses.
Coat buttons appear as navels.
Unclogged nostrils get the tissues out.
Frozen fingers, running eyes.

Stinky soggy boots and frozen toes.
Snow shoveling is quite neighborly.
Discovery of new neighbors down the street.
Do we know who live right next to us.
Could we call out distant greeting to each other?

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) Grandma March 25, 2010


Hibernators like me stay indoors after shoveling.
After clearing snow off automobile and roof.
By this time the defroster kicks in for all its worth.
Fingers and toes have reach freezing limits.
Nose as red as Rudolph's nose as is his tuque and mittens.
Wool does stand a chance nor does synthetic mixtures .
Never mind the winter gears, Booths soggy soaked by now.

Caribbean Life I do adore except for hurricanes and floods.
Thunder and lightening bolts that strike without warnings.
No hibernation from the badly focused earthquake either.
No one hibernate from flash floods along angry overflowing rivers.
Animals habitats flow swiftly adrift down muddy water rivers.

Hugs Curves


Follow up message.
Now you see what is a lover's curve.
Weather changes moods.
Twigs of diamonds glue.

Oval shape face changes.
Mine stones Oval square.
Emotions backlash blast.

Undergrowth sucks.

Energy diversion.

Vegetation cumbers.

Love your editing hugs.

Copy right Geneva M. Neale (Audain) September 7, 2009 

Lifestyles are measurements of geometric curves. As lovers of whatever or whomever falls into slants life is never looks the same as when the relationship began. Two people rotate or turn flips just as the fetus in a mother's womb or dancing the space walk. As a Poet I can see outwards as well as inwards to summarize streams that lovers ought to see.


Lady Maybe Calypsos

I remember cooking down grated coconut, fish and thymes.
Our sport wear featured coconut trees for carnival jump ups.
Calypso drinking coconut water and rum of the Islands songs.

Excitements filled the dance floors those were dancing partners times.
Tingles ran up and down my teenage spines to dance the heal and toe.
Virile coconut links made crowds giggled, hips swiveled couples jived.
Dance halls turned into musical intimacy maze botee of boys and girls.
Mambo, samba, cachucha castanet dance activities closer the better..

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) July 15, 2010

More Or Less

"A Whole New Mind" quotes "Daniel L. Pink."

Right Brain <> Left brain thinking very fascinating.

Expectantly super conscious arrived "scar bare feet."

Lavender primed atmosphere where I whip up poems.

Newest Beginning is my 70th new year of insights.

Touched by the Aramaic Hands here for you to see.

Tender Fingers of "The One" New Age primarily.

Poetic thoughts beamed in Technicolor.

Simple philosophy in "The Passion & The Poetry"

"Metaphoric technical words splash as I write.

Right Brain >< open minded philosophers similes.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) May 11, 2010

Poetic Letter

Dynamic exposures. That is what I call it. Satisfactory summer is over. Fall is
drawing neigh. Leaf colors are changing. And so are our bodies tan.
Peaches expel fragrance. 2010 bountiful harvests year. Pools were worth opening.
It is now time to be resealed. So where are you Mr.? Emails are waiting. Edit man

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) September 6, 2010 

It is difficult to write letters in this computer era. Letters take on the same format as emails. Fun, observations as we report are exchanged of summer's seasonal adjustments as we go through the rituals of opening and closing pools. Physical bodies get burns referred to as the long awaited agonizing sun tans which begin to peel or wear off as soon as the summer heat goes cool. Harvests of fruits varieties ends as we revert back to the indoors habits longing for warming up friendships or we hope to get re-established.

Skillful Worker

Materials of surprise startled friends.
Gallons of paint, sand paper and dry wall nails.
Wait until twenty years to buy renovations.
Carpentry indeed apprenticeship practice.
Railings to correct cantering down stairs.
Ownerships, responsibilities decisiveness.

Rain water no longer pour down wall.
Creek no longer through the ceiling fall.
New shingles an embellishment to neighborhood.
Energy saving devices alert sirens tingles.
Cupboards on each room would do the trick.
Storage of all Christmas cake pans trinkets.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) November 9, 2009            

Thinking of Love

I wish I knew what love really is or was.
In the name of love I am exhausted.
Mother's love can't be reclaimed.
Only if I can give love a good telling off.
Ask your someone what is a swift tap?

Love hurts mom's heart and worries me.
I wish I could meet that love culprit.
Love and me will have it out.
Love bad concepts that we look up to.
Love hurts everyone love is an impostor.

Just another of my poem’s portrait of void love.
Especially in memory of my son B.Sept 3, 1970 - died Nov 22, 2009.
Where can I find that love that would fulfill my lifestyle?
Love for me is ruined forever more.
Sunshine flows through my effervescent being.


My daughter's chemical imbalance when she speaks in tongues.

States of distautions of emotional testing of her mother's strengths.

Mom falls into her mixed up world of abusive verbal expressiveness.

No gift of spars to sooth a mother's loss of mentally ill daughter.

Thank goodness for COAST organization medical Team response Units.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) Dec. 4, 2010 - December 28, 2010 


The question was asked should MATH be thought in Schools?
Unbelievable each person had no idea what the question was about.
No acknowledgment that the question was based on scholarships.
Each pageant contestant would be given Awards what did that cost?

Is there any hope for these beauty participants.
In summary Math most definitively is necessary in schools.
Each had to speak for two minutes a total waste off fluffs.
Did they realize that this session was additional points? 

Every time a contestant spoke it was timed in minutes.
Conversation formats is mathematically figured out.
Credit cards all have chips to swipe in timed machines?
Do any of them think about balance in accounts accuracy.

Or about figuring out how many items to buy in any store.
How many dollars did each queen spend on designers outfits?
Would we like any of them to become certified hairdressers?
What distance to travel from home to get to their Beauty Pageant? 

Time scheduled for photo shoots is based on mathematics.
UTube exposes defects not based on mathematical facts.
Special Events and Public Relations based votes structures.
Did Sponsor for this blurred event get their investment worth?

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) October 19, 2011

Youths Motivators our Youths must take Co-Responsibility Roles

We voice the ACCA Unity, Strength, Progress. Organization Operational Statement.

I voiced loud and clear on this Community Center Opening on Saturday.

"How Black Are We! How Black Are We! Our History Roots of 1800 - 1903 Harriet Tubman's set the pace.

I urge you to speak to Rose Demers whose parents were from Barbados arrived in Canada in 1890's .......

Speak to our past Lieutenant Governor Lincoln Alexander whose parents arrived from Jamaica and St. Vincent in the 1800's as well. Take a survey among the Blacks of Stewart Memorial Church that used to be AME. Many will let us know our roots prior or since 1800. Little Africa on Hamilton East Mountain, Ontario, Canada in the prior to that is fabulous historic location for us to know.

If we were to study and get to know who were those citizens from the underground railroad; whose off springs do live among us. I urge that we read the "Fugitive Slaves" those who converted the forest to "The road" before we arrived in Canada. We can hold our backs up straight while we too walk tall. Many of our children appreciate that we as exported 1960's Caribbean now referred to as African Canadian Caribbeans folks sworn in race relations citizens.

We can appreciate that our grand parents had to dig the cassava roots while we go in supermarkets in Canada to buy starch. A product of the cassava roots to starch shirts for us to wear to work. We can appreciate that we had to pick the breadfruit now the same provision is very expensive at West Indians owned supper markets in Canada

So now we who champion ACCA Youth Compass Group can talk the same language as they are trying to learn to speak. We do have books to write, to market and policies to send to these funders, foundations Our kids are already voicing and suggesting the reality check lists and documented challenges to arrive at balances. Changes in how we too can relate to their voices. They too will know and appreciate the "Answer to the Question" "How Black Are We!" As we celebrate Black History Month yearly "We do know the answer to the question. "I know how black I AM."

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) April 14, 2011

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