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International Acceptance
Ancestral, History

Theme: Visionary

Geneva equates being a visionary with the move to solar power from old ways to create electricity from fossils fuels and other non-renewable means.

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An original mother welcome for birth' canal elephant's call.
I am confident indeed Haydain Neale is my millennium visionary.
I dropped a few silent tears today reading the News Go page 17.
"Yes You Can" was my mantra on trauma watch meditations.

Every day I looked over at him bandaged from head to toe.
Not a tiny bit of his body for me to embrace his momsy.
I wearily meditated in Sunny Brook ICU Hospital Ward family area.
Accidents summoned families’ to face their internal brawls.

I got word on August 7, 2007 come "Haydain was in an accident."
All my trembling lips could say "My son Yes You Can Yes."
He loved a quoted "Chucho train" mother bedside infant prayer.
My Mantra motivated me to pray for Truths always.

My super-courteousness is surrounded by "Our God's Eternal light!"
Forgive errors on agony pathways who witnessed this accident.
"My son's meditations as he silently prayed for relieve as his body shuddered."
Pins. Plates, steel rods observation towers tubes reconstruction.

Smooth analysis as medical teams schedules rotate shifts reports.
Families dispatched to book rooms to refresh for daily ordeals.
Article came out October 28, 2009 jacksoul will release new single.
SoulMate single release scheduled December 2, 2009.

Strengths velocity and super conscious quantum leaps.
My few words no cause nor diversions its business as usual.
November 22, 2009 jacksoul band lead singer Haydain Neale is dead.
Band is set News Release a brand new CD on December 2, 2009.

God is Good All The Time God is my Metaphysical chant.
Ongoing thoughts about Eights Steps of the Lord's Prayer.
Megabytes manifestations of universal religions pray,
Sub-conscious mantra meditations resound.

Voices of Tibet Monks chantings while fashioning sand sculptures.
Unity on the Mountain, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Chanting unknown sounds of praises songs of unfamiliar dialect.
Jacksoul band members a dedicated group knows worldwide.

Visiting Tibetan Monks silently listened to jacksoul CDs.
Universal religions my gratitude to each individual's beliefs.
I honor your greetings in all languages and races "One God.".
My gratitude to everyone as I continue as we all sing his songs.

Haydain's courage a singer's strengths and beliefs about integration.
jacksoul band members encouraged daily by visiting with him.
Special transformers games enhanced their patience with rhythms.
Sorting painful stride replaced by knowledge he will survive.

Haydain Neale mom's silent prayers as tear drops twinkles graced her eyes.
"Yes, You Can." Memorial Celebrations December 12, 13, 2009
Faiths echoes transmit to Unity Peace Dove on Hills, Hamilton, Ontario.
Momsy Geneva Neale empty soul said "God's Will Be Done, Haydain My Son."

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) Memorial Celebrations October 29, 2009

Artists Intuitions

Artists are believers we pray for God intuitions.
Life intersections solar powered stop lights at cross roads.
In this case we would marvel at Genesis creation stories.
Mark his words Jesus Power Points episode of the Good Samaritan.
Movie trailers he over turned tables on the Sabbath and fed the multitudes.

No surprises, so well noted in that Best Poem's equality tags.
I achieved many bible credits then I miracleously changed my mind.
Hence I became a hilarious poet instead of a controversial minister.
"Today you will be with me in Paradise." No exemptions.
Unity.fm Practical Christianity divine ideals sustenance.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) August 4, 2010. 

Carousel of Fears

Both sexes do speak out on unpleasant locked in childhood fears.
Learn from body language off voiceless children who do need nurturing.
Maya Angelo tells many stories of abuse in many of her poetry sessions.

An Oprah interview of offenders who raped or involved in incest’s,
Child molesters or other types of perpetrators on June 2010 Oprah Show.
Father's day is not so good a celebration in many families world wide.

Brave Heart women TV link. That empowers women to chat about stuffs.
Where women speak out on issues where instant blogs enough! speak up!
Safe environment is where victims filled with pain feel safe to talk.

Lift lids on subject matters that existed in dysfunctional family circles.
There is the fear of speaking out and not being distanced by friends.
These fears of being an outcast in an era of emails about denials.

In every job even church come forward, where being a listener does make sense.
Are both sex still not allowed to speak on issues for fears of being ridiculed?
I am happy that I have friends who feared their fathers just like me.

Ma Ma keep your eyes open, trust first before you share hurt feelings.
Ears to listen to birds that fly and seek our trust to sing sweet songs.
Ridiculers, offensive offenders who constantly offend can't get away with it.

Copyright Geneva M, Neale (Audain) 

HAM-TOWN or Hamilton

Hamilton Lunch Pail, Steel Town Smelting Industries boomed
Youths not only observe what Hamilton's history means to them.
Threads Mills gone and rotted Steel city no more pay rolls deposit.
Students reference Ham-ton industrial Waste Ecosystems demos.
Smokeless stacks, rusty buildings transform into city's eye soars.

Scarcity of nails, builders stock market plummet, a rear commodity.
Steel Mills artisans growth stunted trades people skills skeletons.
Boost water sports harbour front links via Burlington Skyway.Lift Bridge..
Perfect for the new stadium enough properties for parking lots.

Women of Steel Workers "Rosy The Rivi tors." defiled all odds.
Lincoln Alexander Parkway "The Link" no figment transporters big rigs.
Haydain Neale jacksoul portraits flash on overhead screen.
ICONS of Ham-ton histories include YOUTH Singer, Songwriter.my son.
Canada's SOCAN President's ENDEARMENTS, .Deceased 22 11 09.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) Fathers Day 2010 

Hamilton, Ontario Steel Town

If you want to feel holy it's not in Churches anymore.
Take a walk through your local Art Gallery imaginations.
Which takes you through creations of Artists minds and souls.

Artists begin at two years, middle age and seniors age up to 100.
Expressive exhibitions keep one yelling wow! More! Hallelujah!
Visits to muggy steel town's drive over Hamilton's sky-way bridge.

Drive way above Lake Ontario bye passes Hamilton's steel lift bridge.
As ships enter WELCOME to CANADA Hamilton harbor,
Great Ocean Liners with foreign names crawl slowly through a Lift bridge.

Motorists who use the lift bridge get out their vehicles and wave to crews on board.
Exchange Ahoy cheers with crews on massive foreign liners crews who wave back.
Industrial materials on board to fire iron ore into massive steel beams.

Impressive Steel Inventories in Dufasco Steel Mills and various STELCO GATES.
Artisans sweat making steel beams structures, as well as nails and freight trains.
Arnold McBay our local Artist, captured in REALTY; our local Steel industry USA owned.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) October 4, 2009

I did a Poetic Adjudication of Arnold McBay at Burlington, Ontario Art Center. A renown local Artist Exhibition. The Artist captured massive life like replicas of the Steel Industries in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Even the tower that says "Welcome To Canada" as ships slowly make their way through the narrow passage of the "Lift Bridge Lock." This is very scenic when the "Lift Bridge" goes up. Families all get out our cars so that the children or passengers can enjoy the slow passage of massive industrial schooners as they crawl through the open waters of Lake Ontario. Usually this is a Summer's Sunday treat. 


Teapots so miniature
Minuscule is the word.
Fast backwards 69 years.
Little tots’ doll tea party.
Just mom and aunts.
This Artist used fired clay.
In the clay children studio.
Sponsored by Burlington’s
Rehabilitation Services
“Don’t sweat the small stuff.”
Quotes Artist John Ambrose.

My daughter bought a replica gift tea pot set.
My grand daughter eight months of age.
Her mother in law collects mini tea pots.
Excited by an exhibit of varieties of pot sizes.
Mother, father and baby bear teapots.
Mother teapot embraced by father’s handle.
Tiny tot teapot sits cuddled in pop’s nozzle.
Across from that exhibit is a Poster Board.
Visit to the Netherlands is quite peculiar.
Burlington is the twin city of that country.
Mundalization where miniature homes exist..

Copyright by Geneva M. Neale (Audain) October 4, 2009
Poetry Reading on Artists Exhibits at Burlington Art Centre.  


You inspire my poetry Don and Richard AFABW genres.
19 06 2010 on the spot I shared a singer, my son, musician jacksoul.
JAZZ poem was the special based on a JAZZ Artist's work.

Amongst a circle of poetry writers living in Canada.
Members of the Canadian Federation of Poets open microphone.
To my amazement I sat outside this little house of significance.

As I listened to boats roaring machines on Bronte Creek.
I watched a rabbit's confusion to cross the paved road.
Two doggies took off behind the scent so new rabbit stew.

Sovereign House Museum waiting for poets arrivals a buzz moment.
Mazo De La Roche's dwelling place I read on the plaque.nostalgic.
Goodness me my own Author's home, the only series I read.

Romance, family trees, trails, farms, vineyards and barnyards.
Traits I learn from her books my initial interest in writings 1957.
Here is another 70th Birthday my gift to me; my Canadian surprise.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) Saturday June 19, 2010 


Empathy, I must avoid financial plights.
Instead I must explore options to uplift.
For instant, I glory in climbing up ladders.

I pick the most delicious fruits that await my grasps..
I see triumphs out of pending dilemma.
I love the opportunities of feelings.

I enjoy love in reproductions cells.
I embrace joy outward and inner grace.
I eliminate all age limiting lies.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) November 2, 2010


We might forget as parents grand children are in our lives
To teach us what they already know only if we say,

Can you please show us how this is done?
2012 online information is way beyond our ways.
They would have a discourse how is it that ........

Grandmas or grand dads have not bought an I pads or E Books?
No ... it is not those things known as note pads from the dollar stores.
Electronics have invaded grandma or grand dads aging years spaces.

Texts is the mode of communication globally brands hit the markets.
Are we ready to let arthritis in our fingers do the texts to grand children.
Say what! Wait ! Just wait a minute where is the magnifying glass?
Retired baby boomers teachers fingers stiff from writing texts on school boards.
These mobile shrunk-ed key boards will soon drive us nuts. nuts, nuts.
Feelings off exclusions from families conversations, just turn off hearing aides..
No more whistles, no more disconnections because of screeching hearing aides .

Turn on computer chat lines another signals whistling via cell phone.
Line up to look up information highways cells phones becoming obsolete.

Grandmas or grand pas cannot get mad at kids whatsoever."fork out money."
Text, text, text. mom and dads got the new already total madness ..........What?.
What did grandma tell you to do ... some unlikely thing... I never said such a thing.
I Pod, MP3 Up loads! Forget about down load! On line latest low downs short forms.
Now I am out of cell phone hours ...... over loaded from text mongers.
April is do not do that month. E Book marketing misunderstandings among seniors.
You had better not shout at your kids these days text records are unseen sent.

April is Awareness of Parents Violence Against Children month or Child Abuse Preventions

Baby Boomers we cannot even see to read then it is Violence Against Seniors.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) March 3, 2012

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