Poetry by Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

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International Acceptance
Ancestral, History

Theme: Motivational

A motivator is a vivid artist who I picture as an authentic clown.  They use puns and colours to prompt and cajole their audience to rethink their situation and purpose in life.

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Courting Sorts

Lovers sort out their priorities.
Those feelings of newly weds.
Walking upright like book ends.

A smile on his face admiring her.
A wiggle in her steps adored him.
Hoping their children agreed.

Charmfully hugging their arms.
Dimpling rings read just got married.
Church bells gonged their implements.

Best friends starry illuminated eyes.
Foamy surfs floating towards them.
While a honey moon shines over head.

At dawn of day alas the moon said bye.
Wife yearns for pep talk inspirations.
Oppose pop ups prior frustrations.

Waffles breakfasts waifs romance of love.
No daily papers reading as both smile.
Dance strides steps like book ends.

Twitches lit up aged countenance.
Wiggles in make-over hips so sexy.
Glass of sherry graced aged lips.

Copyright ©2009 Geneva M. Neale (Audain)  

As we take our lonely journeys as seniors what makes us afraid to explore is what people tend to think. As first time lovers opportunities appear we think oh, no it is a snear?

Why are acquaintances giving us their peculiar nudges of disapproval or vials of negative insane gossip. It is meaningful decision to make new steps forward to associate with someone for whom they care. Their ability to sanction new strolls to explore and discover their own new personal selves living in their senior world. Senior discounts is a time of self indulgence excited to be able to afford a laugh or two or more surely opportunities to love and be loved seniors enjoy ourselves we could never enjoy post..years as we can today. 

Power Point of Clowns

Miles Baker I AM fascinated on these tours centered in your world of clowns.
Court gestures, funny characters caught me by surprise.
Not only could I not back out from the Wall of Clowns exhibits.
You kept my attention for hours. Amazed,
I had to douse the light my laughing partner the bulb that danced.
As flickers filled my vision with laughs. I kept clicking more and more.
These scrap books courts of such fulfillment of Water colours.
By such a vivid Artist whom I pictured as an authentic clown.
Manifestations by an artists who knows the usage of the pun.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) June 2010


My 70th is prayerfully tuned.
I watch Airports stilled.
Iceland Volcanic clouds;
Then a world wide hazardous oil spill..
Trustworthy long distance alternative travelogues.
Europe land links, ferries or recreation vehicles.
Emergency Preparedness deployed battle ships.
Non-essential modes of travel sign up for duties.
Earthquakes chaos soundbites homelessness.
Meanwhile provisional global teleconference.
Put in place to resolve chaos unfortunates.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) May 11, 2010  

Gratitude to you Francis Don Daniels also a caring being you noticed, you digested my thoughts.
Volcanic reactions scared what is happening to the Icelanders in this natural disaster chaos.
What is the fearful state of these residents of Iceland? Are there any reports except for the glacial melt downs.
Here I had to expose my concerned 70 the birthday thoughts as opposed to selfish gift wishes. millionlessness
Happiness vise verse feelings of remorse.
Climb the slopes to view today's realities.
Or just guzzle pints of hops barley juices.
Not an after thought but now regressions
What is the costs of re booking transportations.
Whose responsibilities are these?
Customers as in consumers or tourism's' as in industries
Significance of my 70th Birthday I moan not as a moron.
I am feeling better now that former British Prime Minister .
Deployed the H. M. S. vessel to bring stranded tourists home.
Ferries, Coaches, trains are being chartered by groups.
Stranded passengers in airports are returning home.
Humanities have sent out lifelines across darken alternate ways.

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