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International Acceptance
Ancestral, History

Theme: International

"International" is all about the options one has when they immigrate to Canada or decide to become a Canadian Citizen.  You have to give up some of your past in order to absorb the future of the country to which you are immigrating.

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Acceptance of same sex couples not debate.
Really its not this twentieth first century taboo?
References dates back in biblical texts. .
Temperaments similar to male and female..

Tony blessings from Ray surrounds you.
Memories of Ray watching maple leaf games.
Families helping you understand grief process.
Painfully we sympathize for your spousal loss.

Faithfully you shared vows of hearts filled love.
Arrivals and departures as all couples share.
Experiences Tony and Ray shared as family.
Excitement as you watched Hockey power plays.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) November 24, 2010

Airshow 2007

Driving along Toronto Exhibition Place Air Show 2007.route.
Cautiously drove along Lakeshore with Colette to visit Accident Trauma Ward.
2007 Air Show not foreseeing an impassible route projecting positive thoughts.
Eventually I changed this traffic jammed route to an alternate city streets.
Which eased up only when drivers choose to take inner city streets.
Visited my son sat scanning several magazines refreshing strengths.

Silently waiting while praying for newest arrivals of distressed traffic patients.
Fell fast asleep while in the primed trauma surging atmosphere.
Mama remembers his upcoming birthday watched bandages from head to toe..
Mom patience savoring cafeteria cuisine tap into her extreme stamina.
Precious cells latched onto million pints of transfusion fluids hocked from tubes to veins.
Memories of her pacing around in maternity ward 37 years ago birthing this child.

Memories of him holding a mike now hands and feet in crotches in intensive care.
Prayer vigils as I breath in then out deeply as I try to relax, release and remembering.
e-mail about friends who survived having been in coma helped my consciousness..
My son cannot feel severe pains medicine drips safely through several tubes
Faiths connected one voice."God please help." jacksoul regain consciousness.
August 3, 2009 mom and friends "Yes We Can Sing This One Song."..Juno fans sing.

Copy right Geneva M. E. Neale (Audain) August 3, 2007  

Caribana Friday two years ago fell on August 3, 2007 my son got into an accident August 3, 2009 I can rejoice for his ongoing rehab response to his treatments and his capable will to reestablish his ind pendant living life skills secrets. Mothers of HOPE.

Geneva, August 3, 2009 

And Still I Grieve!

I grieve for stillbirths deliveries.
In support for mothers and fathers.
As helpless every women will feel.
After such post traumatic ordeals.
What is to be will be.

Thank you to every woman.
Who must return home childless.
Be empathizing.
Back then in 1940s
Decisions strained to choose.

Circumstances blocked by guilt.
Feelings of being let down.
Friends and family helplessly nod.
Decisions we make in life.
Dependent on perpendicular issues.

My mother gave birth to stillbirths.
My father never understood why.
I used to cry for my mother's plights.
2012 the same procedures exist.
Computers pinpointing instead of midwives

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) Feb 2, 2012

Any Day Now

So true we meditate a special RIKI meditation online memorial.
We met In line for Jack Layton's Celebration of Life at Roy Thompson.

So we chatted and chatted then just as we got our out the tickets; "
She said to the group "I too was told to get my business in order.
Any day now you will be going over yonder then my facial language drooped."

Six weeks check in at her lowest ebb tide Our Father Prayer web style.
This is going to be her rod and staff to keep her mind uplifted,
She cancelled her fears of dying and meditated on Jesus activities words.
Promised to search google.com to find that Chapter in the Book of Matthew.
A believer in Riki maneuvers who understands principles of Metaphysics.

Why do we flip and blame ourselves as we experience terrible pain?
Why do we feel such guilt for illness that we do not understand?
During 1954 it was a secret if persons died from cancer, shoo, shoo!
At the time there was no surviving cancer no medical fancy terms.
My friend has courage to face her plight as she holds on to God hands.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) October 27, 2011

Artist For A Better World

Friends this is always a Canadian yearly must celebrate event.
On Monday, October 10, 2011
Canada participate in the ritual of overeating
Even though it is all about dine, pig out, turkeyed in.
Turkey is the operative word THANKSGIVING 2011.
In many countries this event is the Sacred Harvest Observation
Harvest time means gatherings of crops from out door farms.

In the Caribbean Churches are decorated for this event.
Members take their best fruits and vegetables to be blessed.

Here in Canada it means family gatherings, reunions, students return home.
Certainly the piquant fragrance of thermometer stuck in turkey in jubilant ovens.
Freshly baked 'Pumpkin Pies' colored with cinnamon oozing on kitchen counter tops.
Clove struck Ham shoulders bursting forth awaits the methodical carver.
Mustard primed Pull pork sandwiches and mouth watering porky pie pastries.
Cranberries jelly decorations tops off to the cover succulent meals.
Never mind the high priced gasoline no excuse for not coming home.

Interpretation last long weekend before Christmas.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) October 8, 2011

Labour Day Events

Geneva M. Neale (Audain) Labour Day Parade September 2009

For twenty years I attended every Labour Day Parade in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

At first I would hide in the crowd not to be seen by my friends or family. As time went on I got courage to attend Union Meetings to find out more about Labour Day events.

There I learn that a factory was demolished with all the workers who were women perished. It is in these women who perished that this Labor event blossomed into what it is today 2009.

I enrolled in so many classes that have my own museum. Same songs that are sung in church has been adopted to Labour interactive songs which are very important to the Labour Day Parade.

Not to be left out I turned up to decorate CUPE LABOUR DAY PARADE Float Decorating Orientation. "If I was going to take part and not feel badly be part of the processing of the event.

I rode on the float always. " No Labour Language barrier or not only did those guys speak blunt Collective Agreement and Arbitration or conflict disputes resolves. These men encouraged me to sign up for Women Labour Studies all about Equal Opportunity language anyhow my vocab got upgraded.

On my graduation I was nominated then for Ten years I contributed to CUPE Labour Movement, on the Think Tank Women Labour Committees. At the Local, District, Province and Federal Committees.

Hence as a poet when I am tempted to be blunt I use my alternate word processor.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) Labour Day 2009  


Today is Remembrance Day 2009

Parades arrive at the Cenotaphs.

In our City of Hamilton’s Gore Park

Time: 11:00AM
On the 11th Month
On the 11th Day

Prestigious Ceremonies.

Bugles sounds softly heard throughout the world.

Generals’ salute, planes fly bye to everyone’s delight.
Visitors stand motionless wear poppies on display.
Wreathes set down at base symbolically remembering.

One minute silence in schools or in work places
Remembrance day for World Wars Veterans..
Like the Cenotaphs are centered out worldwide.
May be this might be these veterans last year.

Infantries, Scouts, Guides and Cadets in various uniforms.
Learn about soldier’s heroes wounded or unblemished.
Men and women who responded enlisted or volunteered.

Cities, towns, villages’ allies globally responded.
Clocks point to 11th hour, 11th day, of the 11th month.
Remember to send salute to millions of soldiers daily.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain)  Sept 11, 2009 

SPECIALS Festive Breakfast

Missing my poem on recipes for pancakes, crepes and waffles.

As an educational I included links to demonstrate modern times.

No excuse for hungry tummies, home made foods "the best."

I needed to edit that post dedicated to Pancake Tuesday.

Before Lent is the Traditional Fast of the many Faiths.

My choice this year on Pancake Tuesday was Roti.

Chief Editor do know how I can retrieve if it is deleted.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) March 9, 2011

Seniors Archived

We yearn for senior folks to listen to our painful stories.
Grand mothers with high technology hearing aids sirens.

Post boomers bloom into bouquets of impatience stress us out.

Interlaced wires electrify pinecones Christmas wreaths.

I recount at many memorial Fundraisers for Cancer Victims celebrations .
These specialize evergreen gifts at funerals in some form on the tables.

Remembrances of exclusive wisdom our seniors shared fashionable Menus.
Northern out doors lights express seniors significance as guiding lights.

Canada’s eco-system significantly replenished clothing industry streams.

Look up at this youthful post bloomer reforestation gigs stocks in paper mills.

Planted many forests off newly planted pine tree saplings turned housing materials.
Canadian evergreen Icon memorized at his youthful years for his contributions.

Every Province from Nova Scotia to Vancouver B.C attended jacksoul's concerts
This young writer of songs instead Tour with R&B Legend James Brown.
Ensuring Stamped legislations passed for Canada’s young music
As SOCAN's President left documents Sealed Governments' Emblems.

At 39 this man touched lives on seniors’ physical plains?
As we joyously fulfill dreams, goals and retell his tales on his Unconditional Love CD.
Such thoughts achieved as vintages senior writing skills about religions unity.

Haydain Neale a modern storyteller jacksoul stands tall Two times Juno Award horizon.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) 30122009 AFABW 

Storms Shells

Thunder, lighten, hurricanes, thunder storms, volcanoes or ice storms.
As well as volcano dust eruptions, disruptions in the travel industries.
Nightmares for the people whose cultures are disrupted..
Whose country near by town become molten cemented sealed.

After the severe ice storm beautiful sculptured figures art work.
Roofs replacements after these severe weather changes.
Harvesting of frozen grapes a good year ice wine.

Reconstructions of buildings that have been flattened by storms.
Canada's sympathy for each unfortunate situation world wide.
Pray that we never have to experience any sort of storms above.

Responsiveness to Red Cross Emergency Preparedness Teams.
Structured homes that turned high classes to classified refugees.
Strangers helping strangers, friends reach out to friends.

How can I not be thankful for each supportive response.
My son survived the worst bike accident but died from Cancer.
Philosophers dubbed pain as the time to say "Faith Yes I Can."

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) June 8, 2010 

Thanks Giving = Thanksgiving for Harvests

The notion about Thanksgiving Feasts.
So out of context in North America.
If there are no farmers think now..
For what would we give thanks.
No more farmers iron tools exercises.
No iron transference in the soil.
Modern monstrous equipments.
Obstructive top soil in recycle bags..
Sprayers airborne shells reap havoc.

How would farmers land get furrowed,
Hibernate to organic farming styles.
Maneuvering tasks that were forbidden.
Once jobs of men dominance.
Women and men give thanks free run turkey.
Subsidies investments in farmers seedlings.
Developers newest suburban farms.
Potatoes, yams my oh my sweet peas.
Crops furloughed down the drain.

Renewed thanks giving complaints energy loss.
Recycled food providing.colic ecol i..
Drained natural nutrients goodness me.
No nutrients in recycled pine or spruce lumbers.
God hovers over farmers Thanksgiving renewals.
Farmers apples, pumpkin pies.ICONS. perseverance.
No families wars LORDS tat-ta tails table talks.
No members holding back bad vibes until next year..
Consult harvests predictions in the farmers Almanac.

Copy right Geneva M. E. Neale (Audain) September 22, 2009 

Tribute to Michael Jackson`s Career

I felt this thirst for Michael Jackson's music.
About a month before he announced his Tour.
I searched UTube and downloaded M. J videos.
Suddenly there he was in rehearsals.
British sold out performance.
There he was kicking, twirling and reeling us in.
Michael Jackson on stage at 50 seriously holding his own.
I watched his Press Release "Honestly This is....
Did he also have pr emanations "My Final ....
There were no final curtain calls "That was it.
A brilliant Michael Jackson telling it as is.
No Dow Jones Average bell moments.
No Bale Outs no cotton fields back home.
A well respected crowd eulogized Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson's daughter's spoke.
Not a dry eye in the Stadium.
Enfolded by CIRCLES OF LOVE.
Supported by her two brothers.
Michael Jackson's sons.
Michael Jackson unveiled as this Era's.
World's greatest Charity Donner.
Revelation an unmasked Michael Jackson portrait.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) August 26, 2009  

This is my own canopy of admiration for Michael Jackson since I have absorbed his "This Is It." Movie. I have seen it twice and would see it again no hidden baggage. 

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