Poetry by Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

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International Acceptance
Ancestral, History

Theme: Inspirational

Writing poetry is based on Inspiration. Some of the features of being inspired to write include discretions, dreams and faith.

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Courting Sorts

Lovers sort out their priorities.
Those feelings of newly weds.
Walking upright like book ends.

A smile on his face admiring her.
A wiggle in her steps adored him.
Hoping their children agreed.

Charmfully hugging their arms.
Dimpling rings read just got married.
Church bells gonged their implements.

Best friends starry illuminated eyes.
Foamy surfs floating towards them.
While a honey moon shines over head.

At dawn of day alas the moon said bye.
Wife yearns for pep talk inspirations.
Oppose pop ups prior frustrations.

Waffles breakfasts waifs romance of love.
No daily papers reading as both smile.
Dance strides steps like book ends.

Twitches lit up aged countenance.
Wiggles in make-over hips so sexy.
Glass of sherry graced aged lips.

Copyright ©2009 Geneva M. Neale (Audain)  

As we take our lonely journeys as seniors what makes us afraid to explore is what people tend to think. As first time lovers opportunities appear we think oh, no it is a snear?

Why are acquaintances giving us their peculiar nudges of disapproval or vials of negative insane gossip. It is meaningful decision to make new steps forward to associate with someone for whom they care. Their ability to sanction new strolls to explore and discover their own new personal selves living in their senior world. Senior discounts is a time of self indulgence excited to be able to afford a laugh or two or more surely opportunities to love and be loved seniors enjoy ourselves we could never enjoy post..years as we can today. 

Action Pack Labour Day Weekend

Day one. I am ready for something called ACTION.
Here I am being a surrogate grandma to a special friend.
Attending Soccer Marathons play offs at Ivor Wynn Stadium.
The setting sun sweltering heat continues to pack its great punch.

Day two. On the Mountain lounging in the freezing zone at 11:00 AM.
Hurricane winds portrait in Hamilton Ontario high winds below Zero.
Grandma sipping hot tea pored from a thermos her own tea party scene.
Natural Corn Tortilla Chips and Wheaties energize grandma's body.

Peaking through her woollies blanket grandma shouts "score!"
Well the ball is way over the goal post way above the net.
Grandma knows her butt is frozen the wind chills almost zone.
While clouds of many varieties of purples hang lower overhead.

Grandma zooms her attention to her surrogate grand son's plays.
Again the ball he kicks aim straight forward to the goal post off side.
Grandma is so elated, she is on a roll clapping as wind chills worsen.
Fingers, toes and nose frozen like rock as grandma rocks on. "Good!"

Both teams proved scoreless, but feel satisfied they played well.
Grandma keeps frozen score pad under her cap on her head.
All ready to tell off the linesmen and referees to "pull up their socks."
Grandma takes off to line up at the Burlington Bay "Annual Rib Festival."

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) September 2, 2010 

Sometime I must challenge my Listening Skills.
It is not to late for me to be paying attention.
Single parents cherished our children flexibilities.
Socialization begins with sports skills studies.
Knowingly parents decided to reach out to each one.
We became aunties within each others families.
Here, I am reversing my role as a surrogate grandma.
Instead of feeling sorry for myself in doors under blankets.
I am enabling all new age single moms I walk tall.
I stumbled on numerous unpaved roads to accomplish.
Many successes. Here, I am a soccer grand mom.
Extended families we were referred as in those days.
Sharing my wisdom on my deceased son's birthday.
Copyrights Geneva M. Neale (Audain) September 3, 2010.
Hurricane Earl rains and winds bellow through Hamilton, Ontario
Whether one lives on the coast or in land weather conditions affects.

Hurricane Earl arrives in Halifax, Eastern Canada in the Maritimes.


Poets paint vivid thoughts.
Discoveries of naked inspirations..
Subjects in boudoirs singularities.
Sing their own songs of discreteness.

Couples skillfully proportioned body, mind and soul.
Artist told his stories lines with reverence.
Not cold displays of undignified torsos.
Portraits adorned with lively silk skin tones.
Instead I see there is much purpose in an Artist's visions.
Exhibition clearly tell about our needs to be advocates.
Dignity in couples expressions satisfied my curiosity.
Expressions of dignity or decorum buzzed about Exhibits.

Satisfied rudiments of male and female understudies.
Skin tones well chosen no complex-ed lies tainted his stories.
Water, brushes, silky hand movements like honey filled combs.
An artist rhyming pastels compositions wooed us to his pieces.

Textured models' complexions matched textile fashion scenarios.
Smooth features just like mine, who else would I use as comparison?
Without conjuring sinfulness about adults with no clothes on.
Is it sinful to model bare naked or is it an earthshaking decision.

Reasons for subjects on these canvas in their birth outfits.
Then there are these questions about models being naked?
Nor, why don't they put their clothes back on?
Subject quite comfortable to shed love life's lights.

An Artist with expensive pallets shows off duvet silk threads.
Pastels colors paint flares brighten subjects surroundings.
Buddings styles, qualities proofs showcase Artist's keen eyes.
Compliments to you for capturing each person's features.

Each model seems relaxed to be specifically positioned.
Question did you conjure these romances?
Humans expressions of satisfaction.
Procreation exposed stories unfold on canvas.

What could be the end results of subjects on matte canvas.
Subjects either can become contentious or dissatisfied.
Subjects would soon share their expressive satisfactions.
Perfect commentaries among well wishers 'oos and aha."

Genesis Adam and Eve as referenced hidden agenda.
Humans uncovered sensuousness hid behind fig bushes.
Beings in fear of themselves used such discreteness.
Reasons for each person relaxing on the canvas peacefully.

Why do they not put their clothes back on this room is cold?
Subjects comfortably steer off love fires remember models' codes, .
Subjects awaited Artist's return, promise and kept in caricature.
Questions directed to the Artist how did you conjure romances?

Genesis Adam and Eve covered up exposures of nakedness.
Humans discovered sensuousness procreation theory.
Discretion of an Artist contract instilled above board captions.
Easel angles complemented the artist's brush strokes with discretions.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) February 28, 2010


("Psychology quote:
The process by which a single symbol or word
Is associated with the emotional content of several,
not necessarily related, ideas, feelings, memories,
or impulses, especially as expressed in dreams.") End quote.

Poetic Assessment of an Art Professor's Exhibition
Canadian Federation of Poets/Adjudicate
Burlington, ONTARIO Art Center.


Life is no dream.
Life is ongoing revelations.
Last year is gone.

There are more dreams to come.
It is like going into a seminar room.
There no clocks ticking in sight.

Just sit, relax wait for evaluations.
Find "your voice my dear"
Positives all inclusive wisdom.

Your amazing tact to listen.
Welcome loving energies.
Aunt Geneva appreciation..

To you always my dear Tonia.
Sour sop fruits break branches...
Ice cream flavoring ingredients..

Aroma therapy lingers within.
Fragrance of sour sop leaf.
God is in your presence.

Oh how I wish I were in Tobago.
To celebrate your newest realizations.
Revelations unfolding surprises.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) July, 9, 2010 


Your Greetings tastes of ice cream
Words are like sparkling candles.
Caribbean birthday cake sparkles.
Watch as sticks spew golden rays..
Today is every Mother celebration..
My on May 11, 70th Birthday special.
Effervescence of smiles and hugs
Miracles to win some millions dollar tickets.
"There is no place I will rather be."
Listen as jacksoul sings these words

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) May 9, 2010  


 Three hours I felt quite beautiful as I sacredly walked and meditated.
My stroll in valleys and up mountains in this sacred lyricism
Sensations of slopes on earthly floor as sneaky cunning bards.
Felt earth fashioned like goblins as stilts walkers elusive powers.

Hillsides earthquakes roar like billowing sheep prancing holographs.
Apparitions of sensational moles hidden among shining drew drops.
Glorious heralds illustrate cool slushy spraying dusty pastel rains.
Poet Geneva quenched her thirst from healing streams remix rhythms.

A spiritual relaxation within my final steps amazingly versed in silence.
A marvelous all-inclusiveness restful noiseless solo walk with my soul.
Embraced with enlightenment I stepped off the Labyrinth's holy space.
Unity ceremonial birthing walk Geneva's Easter meditation closure.

Copyright Geneva M. E. Neale (Audain) 2007

Life's Greatest Sweeper

Shoulder to shoulder death stands.
As life's greatest sweeper.
Both men vowed to love each other.
And cherish spousal oneness.
No different from male and female.
Marriages of heterosexual couples.
One spouse died from cancer pangs.
The terminator no longer lurks.
No need for recessionary sedatives.

Thank you for your courage sons.
Statistically Legislation intervened.
Death left you to cope alone.
You did the right thing sons in law.
As a couple you loved each other.
Your life's wills remembered forever.
Acceptance of same sex couples.
Offspring's choice deemed correct.

Your special love you both adored.
Marriage vows sealed bonds.
Spouses cared whole heartily.
Terminology bee sting hurts.
We dedicate these quiet moments.
To your moms and dads hugs.
We honor you for who you are.
Love to all same sex couples.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) September 09, 2010 

Maxwell Visits Hospital

Moma as Haydain's sister answers.Maxwell.
You did well with your reply.to his questions.
Your son is identifying his memories of 2008.
Figures out why his uncle did try to speak 2009..

Haydain lived because Maxwell kept singing.
Maxwell sang to him familiar children' songs.
Maxwell words to Haydain "why are you not answering me?".

I remember no words, nothing then a movement.
Maxwell mumbled Moma, Moma.can he still sing?
Why is uncle Haydain not talking to me.moma?

Haydain then looked at him with glossy eyes.
Haydain lingered his gaze, his hands jerk upwards.
As he recollected memories of his voicelessness.

He shared with Maxwell an uncontrolled left hand.
His appreciative smile.as if to say to nephew, help me.
Maxwell exclaimed.look uncle can move his hand.

Grandma look he is smiling with me, talk to him moma.
My heart throbbed with excitement Haydain knows.
Tears filled my eyes which spilled slowly as I responded.

Yes, Haydain's memories are alive subconsciously.
University Rehabilitation Hospital therapy skills..
Christmas December 25, 2009 I visited my son.

I visited my son.where I felt an omnipresence calmness..
Adjustments to his transference to this new environment.
Haydain passed on November 22, 2009. Maxwell recalls.

May 2010 Maxwell asks moma did uncle make that song for me?.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain)  December. 2008


We are so blessed to have seniors folks to listen to us.
This opportunity comes by once in our lifetime.
Our Shield wearers or supportive motorist instructors.
"Our grasp" inner light of the pine cones Christmas Wreaths.
Once to become famous at least our stories must be heard.

Stories I recounted at Haydain Neale Memorial Celebration.
Specialized gifts that were given to Momsy in remembrance.
He took on the Northern Ontario out doors in soggy boots.
As an insignificant tree planter he graduated to tree manager.
I recalled this story I was the contact person as his mother.

A Canadian significance ecosystem reforestation gig.
Forests of Northern Ontario horizon stand tall and greener.
This Juno singer was a Canadian Evergreen tree planter.
Bio-Ecologist we may say as a Guelph University student.
Exposed to black flies and other brilliant bugs open space.

British Columbia remembers him opening bands unknown.
Ensuring legislation on Canadian Music become known.
A Distinctive SOCAN President left his stamp of approval.
His mother a poet willed the public to attend his Memorial.
December 12, 2009 and December 13, 2009 Hamilton, ON.

We will never know why we answer career challenges.
Who would we touch on this physical plain as writers?
By physically stepping forward to joyously fulfill dreams.
For these remembrances today I cried these tears called love.
My son's expiry date on earth November 22, 2009.

Haydain Neale fortuitously released a final CD Soulmate Dec. 1, 2009
Our thoughts touched like the Peace Dove wings as his last breath danced.
An accident on August 3, 2007 lifestyle round the clock medical teams.
Rehabilitation expertise established amendments to numerous agendas.
Lung cancer dealt its trump card face down on the slab table game of life.
Public media gasps ceremoniously pained by the Haydain of jacksoul gone.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) January 1, 2010  

Post Graduate Digitals

Yah we have got to change do nots to can do.
Post graduates digitally lit mindset.

Universally new agers grasp ecosystems renewals.
Is that science of the mind - of course it is.
Is that philosophy of physics - of course it is.
Is that mind control of course not. New dimensions.

We can control what corrugates our minds.
Seniors as beginners accept new ways.
Maintain affluence thought processes expand.
Syncretic patterns as the geese fly overhead.

Seniors process peruse greater aspects of life.
What makes us understand year twenty eleven (2011).
Consultants a new millennium job type.
Exploring our computerize world parlance.
Re-search, realign rethink digital brain cells compute..

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) January 25, 2011

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