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Ancestral, History

Theme: Ancestral, History

"Ancestral" is the title of the second volume of The Passion and the Poetry.  My rearch and time was saturated like a water soakes sponge.

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Airshow 2007

Driving along Toronto Exhibition Place Air Show 2007.route.
Cautiously drove along Lakeshore with Colette to visit Accident Trauma Ward.
2007 Air Show not foreseeing an impassible route projecting positive thoughts.
Eventually I changed this traffic jammed route to an alternate city streets.
Which eased up only when drivers choose to take inner city streets.
Visited my son sat scanning several magazines refreshing strengths.

Silently waiting while praying for newest arrivals of distressed traffic patients.
Fell fast asleep while in the primed trauma surging atmosphere.
Mama remembers his upcoming birthday watched bandages from head to toe..
Mom patience savoring cafeteria cuisine tap into her extreme stamina.
Precious cells latched onto million pints of transfusion fluids hocked from tubes to veins.
Memories of her pacing around in maternity ward 37 years ago birthing this child.

Memories of him holding a mike now hands and feet in crotches in intensive care.
Prayer vigils as I breath in then out deeply as I try to relax, release and remembering.
e-mail about friends who survived having been in coma helped my consciousness..
My son cannot feel severe pains medicine drips safely through several tubes
Faiths connected one voice."God please help." jacksoul regain consciousness.
August 3, 2009 mom and friends "Yes We Can Sing This One Song."..Juno fans sing.

Copy right Geneva M. E. Neale (Audain) August 3, 2007  

Caribana Friday two years ago fell on August 3, 2007 my son got into an accident August 3, 2009 I can rejoice for his ongoing rehab response to his treatments and his capable will to reestablish his ind pendant living life skills secrets. Mothers of HOPE.

Geneva, August 3, 2009 


Geneva Neale 3-14-2010
Haydain Neale.CD on UTube

Easter sounds of New Beginnings

Crocus, Hyacinths tuned up symphony.
Tulips, Lillis of The Valley timpanists.
Maple trees budding base guitar vibrations.
Shades of green leaves popping sounds.
New beginnings rebirths of Easter's warmth of love.

jacksoul unusual voice tones vivid in sheet music.
Songs will be remembered JUNO song highlights.
Treasured are these dew drops soft tinkles.
Blessings to every emailed in best wishes.
His voice a gifts all who can't stop listening.
Life goes on as memories fade in.

Such marvelous tunes being archived.
My son sings like a dawning Dove.
Scales maneuvering as hidden meadow lark.
Sipping drew drops locked on shamrocks.
Buds tightly asleep in clover clusters.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale Audain March 26, 2010

2010 Dad

Today's great reunion includes 2010 dad on Father's Day.
In the company of my daughter and her husband,
My grand son six and grand daughter one year and a half.
She figured out how to cry to win her daddy's attention..

My grand daughter sits in a baby highchair with her mother
My grand son vying for his papa's attention jumping up and down..
His dad seated next to his son looking official as dads do.
Mother sitting next to her mother try to keep calm exhausted.

"Dada" my grand daughter yelled out tiny little words.
2010 dad appealed to her mother I want to eat, take her..
Can you take her while I eat my dinner I need to digest my meal?
Amazed I watched at mom's actions then her reaction.

Mom pulled their daughter in the High chair right next to dada's.
Their son age six rebelled against his sister's win, Yelled dad?
Grandma was quite worried for grandson's pent up 2010 dad.
Grandma shared her ice cream dessert with her little grandson.

2010 dad's mother in law is impressed.with this new generation.
In days before this eras, dad would have left with a huff and puff
He would have returned home with no dinner waiting for his wife.
Fathers day has a curtain call from mother and mother in law.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) June 22, 2010 

Expressions of Impressions

Men must know Women cores universally click.
International Women's Day cheers are shared.
How do women rise as celestial beings symbolically.
Exposures of careers not symbols of shamefulness.
International Women's Day Women in voice-full choruses.

Megabytes digital women roots depict prosperity.
No demise of women with status senior of years 2012
Nor flab's and bags or faces draped in stresses.
Women succeed Internationally even if its a blizzard day.
Raise the limbo hearts for women March 8 Internationally.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) March 10, 2012

International Women March

Thank you for sharing this with every one of us
on International Women' Day In Poland
it is ok to give flowers to women.
We are not so fortunate are we?


2011 I sit back and look at young adult women consulting.
Think Tanks are ways and means to deliver visuals initiatives.
Which show that videos making is no longer domineered by men..

Wonderful to see younger adults women lobbying against social LABELING.
Councils of Women continuing to react to shuttle insults by males and females..
We took our children with us PROUD "BREAD AND ROSES" UNIONS THEME we Sang.
Conditions rainy or snowy or sunny days at International Women World Wide Marches.

Now each planted seed like mushrooms patterns unearth heart felt expressions.
Harvests of positive women' statements on Ipods 2011 technologies to be upload..
Canada's other "famous five" my guess generation "Y STARS" in positive video movies.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) March 9, 2011 

Magnetic Waves

Chocolate Eagle perched on satellite dish
Cultural interpretations like subtitles breeze flutter.
Chocolate colored eagle joyfully alights.

Omens visionary successful brain injuries recovery.
August 2007 fete Caribana distilled with anxieties...
Megawatts cerebral surgeries treatments an ordeal.

World Wide Web hits as universe fans embraced.
Painful therapeutics expedition tubes placements.
Body organs ducts for fluid. Intakes sealed outputs.

Envision the world wide supplications abound. revitalize.
As stars maneuver, jack soul lives within emails vigils.
Asleep four months as chocolate eagles dreaminess.

Magnetic rays expressions from mom to Haydain.
Master minders relativity prayers during advent holy days.
Thy will be done my son as the four continent's winds blow.

Thy will, in every faiths, Father deliver a mother’s earthly son.
Extended families unified oneness in love. Expressions.
Hands reach out as grapes vines in vineyards weave.

Nations hugged and kissed and hugged our open arms.
Fanfares of tearful buckets pulled from inner wells.
Weeks of healing tears mom feelings are dehydrated.

The chocolate eagle my son survived a fractured skull.
These traumatic experiences. As the chocolate eagles alight.
Jack soul is spiritually singing renewals per chance hums.

His own compositions Jack soul sings hmmm his copyright
"Still believe in love". Conceivably "Someday."
What else can I say? But pray the prayer of alignments.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) 2009


My son has since died on November 22, 2009. 
Haydain Neale, Lead singer and Founder of jacksoul R&B band
Born in Hamilton, Ontario Canada.
As a visionary I see all things blessed.
Haydain having triumphed from shocks from an accident.
He was whisked away by the Neon zaps of Lung Cancer magnet waves.

Editor/Preferred Poet/Spirituality To be Published November Issue CFP Magazine 2010


Ash Wednesday
Taste buds of the confectionery.
Suppose it is geometric deceptions.
My mind's eyes wade as a contortionists.
Shameless confessors' confessions.
Pictures of many facial expressions.
One forced to wear masked expressions.

Boredom excites pan faced exertions.
Twined Islands Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies.
New Orleans, Brazil, Haiti masqueraders cities.
Confessions on annual Ash Wednesday details.
Mardigras, carnival decryption mass masks

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) December 21, 2010


As youngsters even girls split logs.
Fireside energy source of fuel.
Toting bundles of twigs tied up.
West Indians ancient darker days.
Yards of material rolled as dough.
Patterned as a do-nut.disc..
Placed on top our heads.

Today with axes in retirement..
Technology inventions.excel.
Foot operated log splitters.
Marketing modern log cutting craze.
Muscles mushy to touch or feel.
Apparatus looks so complicated.
Youngsters no reason for complaints.

Natives technologists communities rappers.
Medicine men and women, upgrades, degrees..
Natives legislatures lobby modern inventors.
Schools, colleges, universities professors.
Totem poles electronic Olympics Vancouver 2009.
Scientist, biologists, architects round tables.
Powwows, medicine wheels genetically altered.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) Victoria Day 2010

Powwow Natives discussions, dances, feasts, gatherings of native peoples. customs. Traditional customs.

As a poet I like to look at all angles of the geometry of lifestyles.
Multicultural customs are similar globally.through migrations.
We find different but sameness in all peoples, cultures, races.
Resistance! Eventually we conform as generations modernize.

copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) Victoria Day, Canada, 2010


Feedback Prayers, Meditation, Mantra
We take too much for granted.
We think that all is well.
While soldiers fight.
And loose their lives
To keep our world of gifts secure.

We think of the failing economies.
While equipments must be paid for.
We selfishly think where did the money go?.
That we are better than some one else.
While death is rampant as soldiers die.
For those that are shelled and hit by bombs.

Canada's Thanksgiving Feasts October 10, 11, 2010
Let us be prepared to bow our heads.
A thought For UN Security Troops globally.
Beds that made in dug outs millionaires too.
They can not go to bed in designers wears.
Relinquish all selfish affluence from this day on

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) October11, 2010


"How Black Are We?" A heat wave.
Listen to Smokey Robinson's Address.
As he smokes out Race Naming Errors.
Families spaced out racially divided.
Terminologies for mixtures of genes.
Color wheels ticking back and forth.
Stop insults for grandmas’ ancestors.

I do feel white washed or discolored.
"Grandma I do not like you." Why?
I look away my face various colors.
Why! "You are not as white as my mom."
Your skin does not look as my dad's.
Why are you so Black?

Incredible phenomenon grandchildren.
Easter is about Africa's white lilly.
Hybrids now comes in Reds..
Smokey takes on America's trends.
NAACP race all Americans debates.
African American colored people.
African Caribbean Canadian long lists.

Trinidad & Tobago's African Canadian?
Since I live in Canada I AM a CANADIAN.

Copyright ©2009 Geneva M. Neale (Audain) August, 3, 2009 

Yoga Synergy

August 2007 I drove to Intensive Care with my daughter.
Hamilton straight to Toronto.QEW to Don Valley Hwy.
Phases of the annual Air Show thrilled the crowds.

The traffic was on go slow I said so many prayers.
Bumper to bumper competent drivers I commended..
Which eased up only when drivers choose to exit.

We got to the hospital visit Lord I pray he is still alive?
Then read books at his bed side looking for answers..
Consoled new arrivals minds totally blown away by fears..

Before I knew it I was fast asleep in a sleepless atmosphere.
Mama drifted away enjoyed forty winks totally exhausted..
Mothers tell their stories of child birth water breaking pains.

Instead I display patience savoring jacksoul's injuries..
These two years worth a million years of family stories..
Memoirs of pacing with thoughts 37 years ago.

Is this going to be a boy or a girl question I asked back then?
Oh God another bout of stinging pain then it was his not mom;s.
There is nothing we can do but pray then breathe deep or relax.

e-mail messages about friends who survived coma.
Assurance from staff that my son is not experiencing pain..
Here he does feel the weights of tubes attached to his veins..

Yoga synergy my son survived two years of rehabilitation.
Welcome to Independant living BBQ and smoothies...
WELCOME MY SON jacksoul fans rejoice a new man..

Copyright Geneva M. E. Neale (Audain) August 4, 2007 

Young Historians Moeraes Fate includes my Son

Youths not only observe what Hamilton history means to them.
Threads Mills gone and rotted. Steel city no more pay rolls deposit.
Students reference Ham-ton industrial Waste Ecosystems demos.
Smokeless stacks, rusty buildings transform into city's eye soars.

Scarcity of nails. Builders nail stock markets plummet a rear commodity.
Steel Mills artisans growth stunted tradespeople skills skeletons.
Boost water sports at harbour front links via Burlington Skyway.
Perfect for the new stadium enough properties for parking lots.

Women Steel Workers "Rosy The Rivitors." defiled all hardhats odds.
Lincoln Alexander Parkway "The Link" a figment, no big rigs fast track.
Haydain Neale jacksoul portraits on overhead my son a historian of music.
JUNO ICONS in Hamilton's history includes his Musical Contributions.

Copyright Geneva M. Neale (Audain) Fathers Day 2010 

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