Poetry by Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

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For my son Haydain Neale
Global Issues
Self Esteem

Theme: Global Issues

Today I write poetry about "Global Unison Issues" as published in the International Society of Poetry Anthology.

  • From each decade as we acquire knowledge we gleam from quotes "Sages from each tribes who told their unique creation stories through prayer wheels, beads, temples, mountain top structures and fictions histories of the books' world."
  • I used to think that my grandparents used to be sitting in Africa or India or China or Sera since these were the people who lived in neigh villages.
  • One Friday night per month the elders swapped legends about the sea voyages as fishermen or co-operative committees.
  • They were either pleased with or ticked off with the Foreign Aid Medical Health Teams that served each County which made these intelligent villagers give their advice.
  • They spoke about maintaining good County job which they did as employers or employees
  • Stories told and retold about the after effects of the slave traders or the benefits gained after slavery, emancipation of slave William Wilberforce, William Pitt and the guy who wrote Amazing Grace.
  • The Indentured labourers from India and China and Sera merchants or merchants peddling provisions from every Island.
  • Foreign Freight that came into Trinidad for transportation of Trinidad and Tobago crude oil shipments or the asphalt abundance off our Pitch Lake.
  • St. Vincent, Monserret, Grenada, Barbados, Dominica, St. Lucia the Windward and Leeward Caribbean Islands and British Guyana and down the mainland of Venezuela and the South America who boarded boats to bring goods to Trinidad.
  • Stories about windjammers or tall ships, schooners or fishing boats.
  • 40 years after I am gleaming these same global issue stories through the Internet or via global e-mails or msn.groups.com or the millions radio stations or Cable TV stations. Emirates Desert Sands Multi-Million Dollars Building.

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Understandings, wisdom, TRUTHS.
Love indoctrinated national pride.
Blessings to all who make soldiers.
Truths soldiers choice pray ceasefires.

Today understand the wisdom philosophies.
In Truths mental breakdowns psychologies.
Values in silence, service in wisdom.
God prayers in envelopes sent not received.

Miles and miles of bible verses teach.
Students study David's triumphs and deaths.
Abraham Lincoln parliamentary process.
His inaugural Slavery Freedom speech.

Wilberforce, Newton, Wesley, Cabot debated.
Holy wars triumphs in songs hundreds recorded.
Oh my God soldiers fight Freedom's fights.
Soldiers enlist accomplish Global Peace.

Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Copyright © 2007 Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Global Unison

One voice of inspiration.
One final compressed tone.
Thousands' last breaths uttered.
Acclimatized insightfulness.

Twin Towers' cenotaph eulogize.
"Accouchez" stunned actuaries.
Bodies, minds, souls depart.
Optimize emergence endurance.

United States America compassions.
Will families forgive this pain?
New era 9/11 2001 rebuilds.
Universal affability sustain?

Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Copyright © 2007 Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Honey Moon

Prepare for pro-creation.
Human science systems air bound.
Blast off like rockets in space.
Fuel burn off another eclipse.
Parents beaming psalms solutions.

Mother, Father giver wedding daze.
Wedding ceremonies brides in white.
Sights affixed salty tears impaired.
Another son or daughter honey moon.
Life after birth fore mentioned.

Layette blue, pink or neutral instead.
Take home child bundled up in blanket.
Kindergarten express learn, learn.
College, university independent system.
Myths, philosophers' mind expansions.

Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Copyright ©2009  Geneva M. Neale (Audain)


Who would have thought
simple trees destined to be
Symbols of Unity
all countries

Maple trees in Canada
Chaconia in La Trinity
An island in the Caribbean

Dignity, loyalty, beauty
cultres of diversities

World wide web as trees
Circumvent all countries
spiders spins the net or web
Hats off! Pride hidden in
all national trees
Flags? Universal national trees

Geneva M. E. Neale

Copyright © 2007 GENEVA M. NEALE

Re-Member Me Day

RE-MEMBER ME 11 11 2002, Every day of each year.

I saw some veterans yesterday speaking about 2nd World War.
Many had tears flowing down their cheeks.
I thought of Silent Unity.
Each veterans said to me "Pray Silently for me"

Today we hear cries of wars, wars, wars.
The possible invasion somewhere in the middle east.
40 years from now would we regret again?
Yet again and again?

Thank you God for the illumination.
The elimination of all wars especially World War 3.
Thank You God. Prayers work, Silent Unity.
You see I was born 11 05 1940.

Geneva M. Neale

Copyright © 2007 GENEVA M. NEALE


"How Black Are We?" A heat wave.
Listen to Smokey Robinson's Address.
As he smokes out Race Naming Errors.
Families spaced out racially divided.
Terminologies for mixtures of genes.
Color wheels ticking back and forth.
Stop insults for grandmas’ ancestors.

I do feel white washed or discolored.
"Grandma I do not like you." Why?
I look away my face various colors.
Why! "You are not as white as my mom."
Your skin does not look as my dad's.
Why are you so Black?

Incredible phenomenon grandchildren.
Easter is about Africa's white lilly Hybrids now comes in Red.
Smokey takes on America's trends.
NAACP race all Americans debates.
African American colored people.
African Caribbean Canadian long lists.

Trinidad & Tobago's African Canadian?
Since I live in Canada I AM a CANADIAN.

Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Copyright ©2009  Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

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