Poetry by Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

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For my son Haydain Neale
Global Issues
Self Esteem

Theme: Emancipation

Geneva found that the principles as used by Napoleon Hill philosophies in the book "Think And Grow Rich" made a lot of sense. He used bible principles.

Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice, by Dennis Kimbro's book (co-authored with Napoleon Hill) reveals the secrets to success of many of America's most successful African-Americans.

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Colours Astrophysical

Bobby de Silighi art astrophysical colours.
Captured planetary star shooting experiences.
Bobby's cosmic life ended January 14, 2009.
Today I knelt at wisdom's space in silence.
Mourners’ memories of oil paint pallets fragrance.
Nature’s noteworthy cosmic woman left us.
Commentaries extra terrestrially primed.
She wrote poetry that captures astragal beauty.
Cosmic poetry book of light-years drapes and veils
Paintings hues of cosmic dramas drew deep sighs.
Another demonstration of her Art work recital.

As if waiting students in famous Art Galleries.
Every one who came to bid Bobby's strengths adieu.
A wonderful woman life-time was lying now in state.
Wonderful tall tales in relation to Bobby a character.
"Cosmic castrations" a phrase to all men she bellowed.
Bobby's attention getter men never got its translation.
Scarlet rosés posy adorned her casket an eye catcher.
Bobby seemed as though she sat on her cosmic throne.
On a panel perhaps or an Art Studies cosmic lecture
Waterdown, Ontario Bobby judged Art talent searches.

Astral Artist lectured in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Mandela was incarcerated breaking quarry stones.

Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Copyright ©2009  Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Cultures Mix

Life is beautiful foever.
Observe talented marketers.
Circumvent millions of demands.
Flat bed big wheels deals.

Farmers mode of transportation mules.
Through ice storms blurriness.
From which gratefully return.
Workers emerge rarely frost bitten.

So much for sharing gloves.
With myths that energize.
Bright flare for agriculture.
Concur with news about Mount Everest.

Mystics metaphysics heal cold sores.
For whom I will give my awl.
Teachings that moderate attitudes.
Billions bleating souls mourn.

Sow seeds of positives outreach.
Rural lifestyles layered leer.
Truths attributes displays.
Universality cultures mix.

Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Copyright ©2009  Geneva M. Neale (Audain)


Light stare in the mirror impulsively.
That feature does look like mine inquiringly.
My reflection looks naked memories regenerated.
My childhood days cascades.
Cascade villagers stretch out on river stones.
Youths gathered to bathe as arguments exceed ripples.
Rocks, pebbles, stones sediments.

Nakedness invisibility.
No alarms go off nor do Tata tales sound bite.
Neighbor’s children expectations stories silenced.
Soaking wet clothes get stone washed.
Normal process of families’ daily tasks,
Fashionable meeting places down by the river.
Riversides gathering of almost naked individuals.

Puberty wash ashore laze around river banks.
Villages’ mothers and fathers voices celebrated.
Neighbor’s status quo well-known.
Not one child dare cross expectations boundaries.
Foreigners cannot understand natives’ nakedness.
As watchful eyes stare inquisitively

Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Copyright ©2009  Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

R. R. Rhodes Dinner Theatre Last Call

Set director watches the set construction.
The Actors wait! Leads stage Right entrance.
The stage crew on cue lights out, headset on.
Butterflies in stomachs lights switched low.

Turn your back on your audience suspension.
Production director shouts listen to me.
Pitch your voice like a baseball bat swings.
The cast picks up all moods swings! Action.

Rhythm, keep dramatic effects in character.
Defence, quality, face each other, walk away.
On stage use your opportunity to pause.
Don't give the audience your backs. Plotting.

Look out through your audience! Not at them.
Head thrown back, head lowered half turned,
Quizzical questioning looks, reaction BAM.
The audience just went wild, encore, encore.

Stage crew pay attention! No inconsistancy.
Actors observe the opportunities to pause.
Do not lose your concentration dancers.
Encore, Dinner Theatre bar last call, close.

Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Copyright © 2007 Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Rainy Day Innocence

Poised to read another of my poems.

My smile fits tender tropical fruits.
I hardly hear rain drops in Canada.
Asphalt insulation soften drops.

Rain drops noises squirreled away.
Beeps of high blood pressure pulse.
Or raining criticism of feed backs.
I wish I can tell my naked rainy tale.

Children skins with water bubbles.
My ancient memory laughs as I recall.
Children laugh excitedly in the rain.
Titled Innocent Rainy Shower Baths.

Picture as I read my passionate poems.
Must add 'bout Grand ma's witty laughs.
Grandma's Marble Games chip as showers of rain.

Geneva M Neale (Audain)

Copyright ©2009  Geneva M Neale (Audain)

Spin Offs Emancipation 200 years 2007

African birthright spin-offs diligence attributes.
Ebony bows on board middle passage slavery trades.
Tribal arrows adorn transcontinental ships.

Nothing frazzled watchful slaves predestinations.
Strategic patterns fused shipments authentication.
Wisdom mastered trachea tubbiness groans.

Envoys designed passageway compartments.
Medical teams astonished gasps man overboard.
Captain's logged anarchy projections concerns.

Slave traders turf out societal barricades.
Sugarcanes field a smoothed burning mess.
Penetrate creepy-crawly slave internments.

His warmth within her kinfolk's URN burnt.
A vintage hot rod he skilfully reclaimed.
The paint job he completes proudly on time.

Mom shrouds his soul's pottery in her arms.
His African ancestors celestial body renewed.
Final breaths syncopated transcendental waves.

He smiles. Hamilton's Harbour sandy waves bellow.
Mom beholds Africa's brave young man spirit rays.

Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Copyright © 2007 Geneva M. Neale (Audain)


His body layed out gracefully status ebony.

Sketches confligurations circulated HIS mind.

Juju warrior selected feathers jourvert morn.

African civilization dynasties ablaze ablaze.

History jump up in Trinidad sweet sweet pan.

Trinidad's sister island Tobago so esoteric.

Uncle Polly with majestic peacocks plumes.

Last lap means "bambai until we meet again."

Ash Wednesday escalate up St. Peter's Gate.

ATheist, calypso massman, HONOUR HIS URN.

Breadfruit Sans Coche Trinidad&Tobago melee.

Good Heaven Polly's 7 feet tall soul arrives.

Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Copyright © 2007 Geneva M. Neale (Audain)



Young adults, sons-in-law

Young adults excel balance networks.
Young adults powered individuals.
Multi-races sons-in-law family trees.
Sons or daughters family dynasty.

Active structural decisions beams.
Successful behaviors cultivate.
Journal creative assessments goals.
Activate minuscule cells goals.

Relax great leader Nelson Mandela.
Seniority flaunt ownership maturity.
Evacuate international confidential.
Debate flamboyant armies adolescence.

Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Copyright © 2007 Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

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