Poetry by Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

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For my son Haydain Neale
Global Issues
Self Esteem

Theme: Ecology

I never knew that the water that surrounds Trinidad and Tobago would be classified as an ecology studies faculty.

As a child I feared the Atlantic Ocean which surrounds the Islands. I lived with my grandparents who live a stone throw away from the oceanfront. The colours of the sky, the clouds that surrounded the moon and tides in and outs surfs in the ocean translated as time, as the weather man or the barometer obtained in the brute strengths of the forces of the blowing winds. Hence my poem about the psychology of the psychological effect on me as a child.

It is about the changes of the either friendliness or the angered bellowing of the ocean tearing away at the natural shorelines. The fears of the ocean taking my grand father away and not bringing him back from his fishing expeditions because the banks were being torn apart because of the constant bashing of the surfs against the sea walls.

In this century, it is the real estate that surrounds the high priced business of selling ocean front properties that is having a psychological effect of global warming not only caused by man but by the natural causes and effects of nature.

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Cold draft slap like waves against faces.
Grey clouds drape like chiffon floating sky.
Thunderous blasts shuddering cosmic hideouts.
Infatuation beams touch body, mind or soul.
Weather forecasters wave magic digital wands.
Shake their heads as picture today is bland.

Uninspired forecasts as barometers plummet?
Viewers as amused George Burns poems claimed.
What is happening to forecasts worldwide?
Weather cocks revolve atop garages theatre.
Cocks swing north, east, west or south.
Steam pours identically as chute on trains.

Sidewalks transformed ice rink compactness.
Salt cannot melt falling snow flakes.
Yearly is said the worst barometric study.
Global warming makes no sense body freezes.

Temperatures fluctuate or escalate cyclic.
Icicles dazzling diamonds sub-zero storms.
Seasonal clothing wear seasonal displays.
Wardrobes designed fashion performances.
Layered seasonal trends slap drafts of air.

Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Copyright ©2009  Geneva M. Neale (Audain)


Books on oceanic geography studied.
Shore lines sounds barriers boomed.

Constructoral machines erections clanged.
Demolitions legislations people enraged.

Coves curves, inlets, rivulets slushing.
Mountainous barriers groans distorted.

Bulldozing rocky cliffs while ocean filled.
Artificial sand-filled shorelines shamed.

Eco friendly teams of ecologists streamed.
Renound ecology psychologists swarmed.

Questions need answers symbologists sustained.
Emphatic sounds of rocks erosions stumped.

Craftily conceal high staked investors dreamed.
Landfills scientists researchers samples unseen.

Forced relaxed mood swings controls intacted.
Can earth smile when all guidelines are pinged?

Eco-psychology lab analysis shores be protected.

Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Copyright © 2007 Geneva M. Neale (Audain)


Memories of assortments on ice canvas.
Ice storm maze patterns an amazement.

Frozen sculpted shapes world renown.
Braided ice-covered panes glisten.

Nature's patio transformed glaciers.
White sandy textured hale pop sounds.

Fascination as rain on snow blend.
Thoughts waltz as nature pantomimed

Sculptures blink as blue sapphires.
Screen-prints icy grains quietly spin.

Snow piled as patio table cackled.
Translucent figurine two-feet tall.

Mystic hands shaped skating rink.
Snowman imaginative chisels cling.

Beautiful scenic view paints ambiance.
Carvings resemble orchestra.

Picture Rhinestone instruments.
Classical illusion music ride waves.

Iced cellos, timbers, flutes whisper.
Harmonious base reverberations scream.

Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Copyright ©2009  Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Ode To Mothers

Both grandparents owned ground provisions properties.
Grand ma Berta danced tons of cocoa and coffee beans.
Grand ma Lilly managed long term liabilities.
Grandpa Scott wallowed profits cured tabbaco leafs.
Berta birth to five siblings who excelled in school.
Lilly bless her soul and ten great skilled traders.

Both dads waited patiently for V Day celebrations.
Overheads were not prevalent in those days Zeppelins
Stocks and bonds markets cash flows or goats and pigs.
No commissions of income taxes in the fifties.
Children counted their marbles proprietorship's.
Mothers operatives teams fair winners or soar lossers.

Revenue holders, referees if children got swindled.
Moms calculated cost of marbles and ring designs.
Dads stooped to mentor neighbourhood disruptive kids.
Ambassadors cooled tempers with fresh baked breads.
Moms solved problems before children got into fights.
Red carnations for deceased, white for moms alive.

Teachers annually coached class to SOLEMNLY recite.
MOTHERS' ODE the poem I sing loudly on Mother's Day.

Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Copyright ©2009  Geneva M. Neale (Audain)


Life a field of ripened surprises.
Warm water swirls around panels.
Solar panels on top house roofs.
Package reduced at a home show.

Both solar panels now installed.
Kitchen transforms to sunny indoors.
Morning, noon and night brilliance.
Investment cost shines through.

Imagine outdoors turned inside out.
Excited no longer dine in darkness.
God's natural elements flavoured.
Solar panels modern era venture.

Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

Copyright ©2009  Geneva M. Neale (Audain)

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