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Reviews, Endorsements


"My hardy congratulations on the success of your DVD release. That is a MAJOR stepping stone in your career. The DVD is a truly professional presentation and one you can be very proud of."

Doc Jenkins
Country and Western
Recording Artist


"That was an entertaining,  plus a very practical, philosophical, poetry session.  You have been an inspiring example for your children and your friends.  Thank You for this gift.



"I read some of your poetry on line, beautiful I like how it covers current stuff. After viewing the DVD I wanted to shout more, more, encore, encore. The presentation like a breath of fresh air. Give us more poetry that sings like soft jazz. Thought provoking and soothing at the same time. I would be honored to support your cause, our cause as human beings, women, grandmothers, friends, and members of a minority."

Lillian Andrew


"My Dear Friend: I loved it, I ran it again for a friend of mine who also thought it was very well done - and liked what you had to say. You are just something else woman!!"

Jean Marcmildon


"I truly enjoy your language and i encourage you to go for it all the way, expression is a gift that few of us has and when you have it to share ,it is a blessing.."

God bless love
Trinidad and Tobago


"Thank you for the DVD – I am really enjoying it – you are very talented and I wish you all the best with it."

Suki Garson


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