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Geneva's Bio

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Geneva was born in The Town of San Juan in Trinidad, however her parents settled down in Cascade Village on the outskirts of Port of Spain where she attended Ideal High School. Even at an early age, she excelled in English literature and Poetry.

In her final year of high school, Saturday mornings were a pleasure for her to meet with five students for The Poetry Club as an extracurricular hobby. The students were selected because they had a peaked interest in English Poets.

Geneva recalled that the teacher referred to Poetry as the Romance Language. Hmmmm... the girls could not even watch any of the boys in the class tight restrictions. There was not any First Kiss Poetry Writing in the school building or outside the building either!

Life's experiences amongst the cascading falls is what makes Geneva's  poems  sizzle... the brilliance of acquired self esteem from various metaphysical principles of ancient and modern philosophers. 

  • Geneva studied Human Services Management and graduated from McMaster University in 1998, at the age of almost 60!
  • The Daily Word published in the 1890's by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore allowed Geneva to understand that bible teachings allow you to makeover your life to create a productive lifestyle.
  • As her beliefs system went through social adjustments they fired elements within her head, body, mind and soul.
  • She began to rise above the ashes of self-doubts and peer controls,
  • Thoughts management skills in the principles of "seek and you can find" became her goal to pursue enrichment in her life skills.

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